systainer® in medical applications

systainer in medical applications

Security and reliability in transportation and handling are essential in the medical field.
A systainer® is the right choice, anywhere and anytime.

Each systainer® stands out by using high-quality ABS material and offers unbeatable properties:

  • Shock-resistant
  • Dimensionally stable in hot and cold conditions
  • Protected against dust and moisture
  • High chemical resistance to many diluted acids and bases, saturated hydrocarbons and gasoline
  • Weather resistance
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Insulated systainer®

systainer® products are very well suited for secure transportation of biological materials (category B) with material number UN 3373, such as diagnostic samples. The systainer® has been tested by an independent testing institution in a specified configuration with a variety of packaging components (primary, secondary packaging, ...) as rigid external packaging according to the packaging instructions P 650 (ADR).
Insulated systainer³ m 237 epp
Insulated Systainer³ M 237 EPP
  • light grey Art. n° 83500037
  • anthracite Art. n° 83500038
  • with EPP insulating insert and insulating lid
  • Dimensions: H* 230 x W 396 x D 296 mm
  • Inner dimensions: H 159 x W 320 x D 200 mm
  • Weight: 2.28 kg
Insulated systainer³ m 337 epp
Insulated Systainer³ M 337 EPP
  • light grey Art. n° 83500039
  • anthracite Art. n° 83500040
  • with EPP insulating insert and insulating lid
  • Dimensions: H* 330 x W 396 x D 296 mm
  • Inner dimensions: H 259 x W 320 x D 200 mm
  • Weight: 2.87 kg
Insulated systainer³ m 437 epp
Insulated Systainer³ M 437 EPP
  • light grey Art. n° 83500041
  • anthracite Art. n° 83500042
  • with EPP insulating insert and insulating lid
  • Dimensions: H* 430 x W 396 x D 296 mm
  • Inner dimensions: H 359 x W 320 x D 200 mm
  • Weight: 3.54 kg
Divider for insulating systainer³
Divider for insulating Systainer³
  • Art. n° 83500066
  • Consisting of 2 dividers
*The outside dimensions are measured without feet: H + 7 mm

EPP insert

The EPP insert stands out for extreme stability, and can easily be cleaned in an industrial dishwasher. Our EPP inserts have a groove on both sides for mounting separators if desired to insert cold packs on both sides – preventing the possibility of the cold packs coming into contact with the samples.

Did you know? Building on the insulating insert used in Systainer³ height 237, an intermediate frame can be used to combine the insulating Systainer³ M 337 and M 437

More Advantages for you

Hard shell
Utmost robustness thanks to ABS* material and a stabilizing design structure with the additional lid hinge.

Hard shell
Innovative labeling 
Know what's inside! Two slots for custom labeling.

Innovative labeling
All systainer® can be combined with one another.


*ABS = Acrylinitril-Butadien-Styrol

Better safe than sorry

There is a locking closure integrated directly on the Systainer³ (Theft Tag).
This new development means:
  • Contents are locked and secure with just a single movement.
  • Products can no longer be removed.
  • An essential feature for sealing medical testing materials and other sensitive contents.